Run And Risk

About Run And Risk

Run And Risk unblocked is an io game of strategy. It can remind you of a classic tabletop game called Risk. This title makes you a commander of a small kingdom, whose job is to grow the empire using long-term strategy and momentary tactics. Your kingdom starts small but through over time evolving, it can get big and gradually take over the whole world. You have to build a big army then send them out into more areas to take over more lands as well as destroy all enemies. While fighting, make sure you leave your borders with current camps well protected. At the same time, you must extend your reach. You should think carefully and make fast movements while keeping an eye on the whole map. When you expand in all directions, you must be more responsible for controlling all of it. Prove to the whole world that you are the best commander in free game. Play it now! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Interact with your army and other objects in the game using the mouse.

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