Robo Runner

About Robo Runner

Robo Runner is a 3D game about a robot trying to defeat enemies. You play as the robot then transform yourself into stronger machines to fight and overcome obstacles.

The Robo Runner game is similar to some games like Om Nom Run for instance. Your objective is to reach from A to B in this tank 3D game. To do so, you will control a robot that can change forms.

You can turn into objects such as a plan, a spinner, a ball, a gunner, etc. For the transformation, you click the button in the game. However, you also need to use your abilities to vanquish the obstacles.

Try to reach the finish line to win in Robo Runner unblocked!

How To Play

Move your robot using WASD, arrow keys, or the left mouse button. Change the robot type using Q, E, R, and T.

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