Rich City

About Rich City

Zombies and humans are always enemies to each other. In Rich City unblocked, they spark another tough fight for the arena control. You must choose your favorite side now and help your team members defeat the enemy team. The task for the zombie team is to disperse viruses across the map to infect all humans while the mission for the human team is to survive the contamination and avoid turning themselves into the zombies after getting infected. The human team may have more challenges when they need to protect themselves, create bases to hide zombies, and purchase items from the shop to kill the zombies. You should stick with your teammates as well as use smart strategies to deal with the opponent team. If a member of a certain team survives until the end, that team will win this combat. Join Rich City free now and see if you can make your team win! Much fun!

How To Play

Arrow keys or WASD will be used for the movement. Use B to open the shop menu.

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