Puppy House

About Puppy House

You can play Puppy House unblocked and build a house for your lovely dog. Enjoy the process of building from cutting wood, joining wood and painting for a cute house.

You can go to the animal game online and help a crying dog build a new wooden house. Someone stole the old house and now your dog needs a new place to hide. So, let’s start your work now and go through the important steps to complete a lovely little wooden house. First, you will need to cut the wood with a saw to create the necessary pieces of wood for parts of the house. But you just need to move the mouse along the available cutting lines to perform the wood cutting. Next, you will need to match different pieces of wood in the right positions to form the frame for the house. But pay attention, you need to use screws to fix different pieces of wood such as roof, legs, body, front door, back door … And finally, you will need to paint the house color to create impressive beauty for it. It’s great that you can choose your favorite color from the dozens of free paint jars in the menu. Just tap your brush and favorite paint color, then paint each part of the house.

Although everything is quite simple, you will find joy and relaxation when you play Puppy House online. It is an entertaining and educational game that helps you learn the process of building a dog or cat house. Besides, the game mechanism will be super simple with mouse operations on the screen. So you can reach this cute game early and discover many interesting things from wood to paint colors and more. Enjoy this fun experience and complete your dog’s lovely home!

How To Play

Click to get items, move the mouse on the screen to draw cutting lines, click at the right time to get screws

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