Pump Up Hero!

About Pump Up Hero!

Are you ready to become a flying superhero in a fantastic Strategy Free For All game called Pump Up Hero? The game bears similar gameplay to Agar.io, but it will be much funnier to play. You turn yourself into a superhero when spawning in the map, and your job is to go collect a lot of things scattered around the map, like planes, balloons, etc. The more of them you pick up, the more experience points you will earn, and then you can utilize the points to unlock amazing special skills. You will come up against multiple superheroes in the skies. Make sure you quickly finish them off using your abilities, and then your size will be increased after picking up some kills, making you stronger than ever. Always keep an eye on the surroundings, protect yourself from other enemy attacks, be the talented superhero that the world is seeking so you can rescue all people. Have fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse to fly around the skies. Click left mouse to punch the enemies, use keys QWE for using a special skill.

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