About Pucks.io

Pucks.io is a free team-based physics car hockey io game with 3v3 multiplayer matches. Figure out the best tactics and make use of teamwork to pass the puck down properly and score. It is an intense competition and you are forced to upgrade your skills as soon as possible to defeat all of the rivals. Each time you collect experience points in Pucks.io unblocked, you will have the chance to make your vehicles different. New skins will help you feel more excited in the next round. More importantly, you will be required to become the champion by climbing up to the top spot on the ranking quickly.

Pucks.io online is similar to the original sport because you must gather the highest point to win. Once the shot is lined up, remember to tap the Space bar to release an extra fast boost. Further, loot crates to recharge speeding up. Pay attention to your teammate and stay alongside him! Have fun!

How To Play

Use W to accelerate, S to reserve, A and D to steer, Space to boost

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