Privacy Policy

It's important to comprehend the website's Privacy Policy. Hence, we hope you understand and stick to the following terms before playing online

Games like game are getting hotter and hotter because of its simple rules. Like any other online .io games, players can entertain with minimum exposure of personal data. However, websites with games like Nebulous online always operate with specific Privacy Policy.

As terms of use of, Privacy Policy is vital to comprehend before players start any activity on the site. These terms inform data the site will collect as well as a plan of using them.

However, they are applicable for online gameplay only. Policies for Nebulous PC download could be different.

Data collects covers no ownership of the game, but players with a stable Internet connection could download the game for Android and iOS devices. Besides, there are many other game of the same type that you can play online. We guarantee you leisure, and in return, we hope players show respect for our Policy.

The page will collect, store, and possess the right to make use of the following information. The terms take place when players start accessing the page.

  • All information you expose on the gameplay or downloading such as your nickname, server option, preferences, a process in the game
  • All records about what game you play, the duration, the progress
  • Data the site detected relating to the IP address, country, location, time zone, and browser enables you to play the game.
  • Data about your connection, speed, and server
  • Information that we can detect about your social media, personal information, ID, email address, or so on that you expose to us during the game time.
  • Records about player’s feedback, exchange information, agreements to the terms of use of between the page and players.

The term is eligible to all players above 13 years old. Depending on the particular state law about children’s age, we vary the age term.

Usage of collected data

All of these data will go through our storage and under appropriate management. Therefore, we can help you to record your data for further usage.

However, the most important usage is to make the analysis. All records, data, and information will help us build a concrete insight into the player’s experience and improve it.

The reason for collecting

Players don’t have to log in or declare any information at the time of joining the games. However, along with the game’s progress, there will be more data about you that we need to gather. And, the collection is for us to enhance the experience on the site.

We can break it out as the following usage:

  • Improve the gameplay, transition, organization, interface, and more about user experience
  • Solve any problem during the online gameplay as well as downloaded games
  • Suggest players appropriate advertisements
  • Manage inappropriate content or actions

Your contribution and consent will be a big help to us in developing the free online game service, files to download and maintaining the environment.

Rights by players

Data that we collected are all relating to players within the gameplay. Players can contact us through email and access any information about Nebulous online.

Cookies and data security

The site is using Cookies to enhance the user’s experience. Accepting our cookies could help you access the page much faster and play lag-free games. However, it also means you receive us to collect data relating to your device that we used to access the page.

Collected data is only for the website. Only the admin could access the information and manage the sharing of authorized parties to ensure security. Besides, we won’t misuse or allow any deprivation act if we take control. However, we must provide specific data to authorities if it relates to legal situations.

Because of violations by modern technologies, we can hardly promise 100% security but we are trying our best to keep your data safe and appropriately useful.

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