About Powerline.io

You’ve probably enjoyed the classic Snake game on Nokia phones, and now you can totally try another one like that called Powerline.io. It’s a free online web browser slither style IO game in which you direct a power line that is like a snake, you move it around the map to gather many energy crystals, which helps increase your length through over time. You should use your strategies and skills to crash into the rivals for wiping them out. Once they die, just quickly grab their energy crystals to power up yourself. The way you kill them is just the same as other snake games, which is blocking their path suddenly to make them crash into you. But make sure you won’t run into them, or your game will be over. You can boost your speed to catch up a prey, however, this will reduce your size a bit. Also, you should stay away from the border of the arena, or else your snake will be destroyed. The goal here is to climb the top! Have fun!

How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD to direct your snake around in the arena.

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