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About Popular Wars.io

Popular Wars.io unblocked is an io game in which you have to gain popularity if you want to win. The game opens an epic battle between opponents from around the world. You will play against them in a big arena trying to defeat them all using your excellent skills and strategies. Popular Wars online can be a nice io game when it features a unique combat mechanic.

Since you compete against enemies in a massive arena, you should know that you can be attacked by them if you don’t leave your guard on. You take control of a crowd around the map trying to gain as many followers as possible. With more followers added to your crowd, your popularity will be increased, which gets you closer to the victory. You can search for niche cliques, eat up more followers and improve your size as you play. Make sure you watch out for other crowds, especially the ones that are bigger than yours because you can be outnumbered. The special thing about the popularity in Popular Wars io is that it is scored on the leaderboard that has three ranks. If you don’t get to first, second, or third, you will not show up on the board. So, try your best to outplay other players, take their followers, and get to the top on the leaderboard to become the winner. Feel free to play Popular Wars game in your browser to show off your skills! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Use the left mouse button to move your followers around the map in the game.

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