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About Plug In

Plug In unblocked is an adventure game where you have to overcome many challenges in an electric environment. You have to ensure safety and conquer every puzzle stage.

This is a 2D experience to challenge gamers with patience and intelligence. You will be attached to a power cable and must overcome many challenges in an environment full of sockets and wires. You must do everything to ensure the safety of your character while still conquering difficult challenges. Therefore, this is not an easy game, requiring you to move well and have a smart strategy in each different situation. So, you can play Plug In free online and try your hand at challenging puzzles. Note, you only have a certain cable distance and you need to use it sensibly. Besides, you have to try to dodge dangerous obstacles, such as chainsaws.

The main operation in the game is to move left, right, jump and interact with the cable source on the screen. So you can easily approach the game, but the challenge is in the puzzle strategy. Each leg is a puzzle and you are forced to show your moves to solve the puzzle. So what will you do when faced with a series of dangerous challenges in the electric environment of this 2D game? There are many unique levels to choose from and you can spend 30 to 40 minutes completing your puzzle journey.

This game comes from the following creators:

  • Nicolas Nguyen: The designer for the game.
  • Emilia Lora Cobo: The one responsible for artistic leadership.
  • Cynthia-Eve Giroux: User Interface Designer.
  • Maria Linares: The person responsible for the music.
  • Mathieu Vezina: The programmer for the game.

How To Play

Click A and D to move left and right, press Space to jump, press E to interact, press R to return to the original position

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