About is a Strategy Power-ups game with Rock Paper and Scissors style game. You can play it for free in a browser to meet other friends from around the world. The game still follows the familiar rules, which are rock killing scissors, scissors killing paper, and paper killing rock. Remember these rules all the time during the game so you can beat the enemies easily. There are some awesome power-ups you should gather on the map, including cooldown reset, phantom mode, growing in size, and shrinking in size. They appear as different letters, namely, key c, p, g, and s respectively. You should gather them to strengthen yourself for defeating tougher enemies. The game has 100 levels in total. Every level grows your speed and brings you one skill point. You can use the point to improve the dash distance, cooldown reduction, or even get a new special passive ultimate skill or even an additional life. Your goal here is to reach the top rank on the leaderboard!

How To Play

Use the mouse for the movement. Click right mouse to accelerate, press key C to reset, key W for an extra life, key E to improve the dash distance and key R for cooldown reset.

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