About Piratez.io

Piratez.io is an ocean strategy combat game where you become a pirate and your main mission is to destroy all rival ships before they have a chance to attack you back. Capturing their ships is not an easy thing at all. You are required to have good strategies, great tactics, amazing skills, and patience if you want to send them to deeps. You should get away from the island, demolish the rival ships when your ship is not in the range, or even bait them to the areas with islands so you can dish out additional damage. The cannons from the islands in this IO game can fire strongly, but they won’t shoot far away. You should use them wisely during the fight. Whenever you pass a level, you will earn more experience points. Also, when you reach level 10 and level 25, you can upgrade your current ship into the new one, such as Roebuck, Happy Delivery, Fancy, Revenge, Royal Fortune, Golden Hind, etc. The main goal here is to dominate all the seas!

How To Play

Move your ship using keys W/S or up/down arrow keys. Direct your ship using the mouse. Shoot at enemies using the left mouse, press key E for auto fire and use number keys 1-6 for skills.

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