About Papers.Scissors.Rocks

Papers.Scissors.Rocks is a super fun Strategy game with the classic gameplay of rock, paper, scissors in real life. You will join one of three teams, including rock, paper or scissors, and your job is to work with your allies to finish off the opposing teams. Rock catches scissors that catch paper that catches rock. Keep these rules in mind during the game so you can get the right target. When you succeed in catching the enemies, they will be converted to your team, then, you will get a point. Teamwork is a crucial thing that plays a big role in leading your team to the final success. If you guys don’t support each other, you won’t have a chance to win. Vanquishing the enemies needs teamwork! Stick together side by side to surpass all challenges, and survive longer for the arena domination! Are you up for the challenges now? Give it a shot!

How To Play

Move your character using the mouse. Press spacebar or click left mouse, or use the right mouse to speed up or utilize a skill.

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