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There are plenty of territory-conquering games online inspired by, and 2 is one of them that you must give a shot to. Feel free to play Paper io 2 no ads in your browser for having your skills tested once again after you have conquered chapter 1. In this second title, you will play against various other players in a big arena. They have the same objective as you, which is to capture as much territory as possible without getting defeated. You navigate your paper-like character around the map to capture empty spaces then connect them back to your main base quickly to expand the base. Keep expanding it until you reach the highest spot on the leaderboard, but make sure you defend your tail from other players. You will meet your doom if someone collides with your tail. So, be careful! Jump into 2 online game now!

How To Play

Use the left mouse button to take control of your character around the map to capture territory in the game.

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