About unblocked is a fun io game that works on browsers. It takes inspiration for the classic Pacman games that you may have played before. Now, it comes to browsers where players from around the world can join an epic fight for the top placement on the scoreboard. gameplay is so easy to understand and follow but hard to master as it requires you to have a good controlling skill as well as fast reflexes. You play the role of a Paceman moving around a big map trying to eat a lot of points to make yourself faster through over time. The fastest Paceman will get crowned as the King of the arena and dominate the top rank on the scoreboard, which is your main goal in free. Also, you need to gather a lot of green and red powers that are dispersed on the ground. As you eat these powers, you will get boosts or decreases of some types. Make sure you watch out for the roundsaws that are around on the arena. A single collision with them is already enough to make you meet your end. So, you’d better stay away from them as you walk around the map. Don’t forget to protect yourself against other Pacemen controlled by other players. If you are smaller than them, they will hunt to eat you. But you can hunt to eat them back if you are bigger. Try to defeat all of them to become the best Paceman. Have fun with game!

How To Play

Move your Paceman using A/D or left/right arrow keys. Use the spacebar to speed up.

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