Ogre PVP

About Ogre PVP

Have a new io game experience with Ogre PVP unblocked! If you are still after multiplayer io games online, make sure you check this one out. Ogre PVP free is not a hard game to play, but it is also very competitive. It pits you against many opponents from around the world. You have a big goal here, which is to kill them all for your victory. You begin as a little ogre moving around the map to fight against enemies. With some weapons in your hands, you should make use of them to eliminate everything that gets in your way, especially creatures. As you play, your levels will be increased, which allows you to improve your weapons. Having stronger weapons is always better because you can totally defeat enemies without using too much effort. Defend yourself from the enemy attacks! You must rise above all other players to get to the top rank on the leaderboard in Ogre PVP game!

How To Play

Use U/I for the melee and ranged weapon. Use O/T for the armor and drop.

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