About unblocked is a business simulator io game online that makes you a boss. Are you ready to be an ambitious boss working in a big environment full of employees? You will be tasked with recruiting some new workers to come to work for your company, keep the morale up, and try to remain the effectiveness of productivity. Although you are a powerful boss, you still feel burdensome. The profit is in your hand, but the challenge is how you will use it to invest in bigger offices. Whatever you do, make sure all of your investments have good outcomes. More than that, you have to watch the states of your workers all the time. Keep them happy as well as content with the environment they are in. Your decisions will have an influence on the wellbeing of the workers. If they crack under the pressure or behave oddly, they will not help you create more income for your company. Hence, you have to become an excellent boss with smart decisions in free online!

How To Play

Click to interact with your workers and other objects using the mouse.

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