About Oceanar.io

When playing Oceanar.io online, you need to be the greatest fish in the ocean! In this game, you start off as a solitary fisherman fish and burn-through food to store up a fish armed force that will overwhelm the sea!

It doesn’t like other angler fish io games, the basic mission is amazingly addictive as it’s a wonderful inclination to pound a rival’s armed force with your own or take on that jellyfish that once slaughtered you as a new Oceanar.io unblocked!

These fish io games need a comparative goal like you start off little, alone and feeble to both foe players and the climate, to improve your odds of endurance your lone expectation is to eat the food gliding around and assemble a multitude of more modest fish to shield you. Play oceanar.io online and begin to build up a sensible measured crew expect to take out gatherings less than you to additional lift your score and attest your strength in the water.

How To Play

Use mouse to move and click left mouse to use little fishs.

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