About is a horror RPG unblocked. It is a game created by the same maker of Start off with a little chicken and you are joining a survival match set in Battle Royale style. In other words, you need to survive as long as possible if you want to rank up.

After being launched from a cage, you and every player in must avoid being pushed off the edge of a small dish placed above a grinder. In case you are kicked out of that arena, you do not forget to fly and return. Besides, you are able to deploy various abilities when you play free such as walking, jumping, dashing or sprinting. Choose and fire skills promptly to earn higher scores! Despite you have occupied the crown, your position can belong to another stronger than you. Remember to eat corn! The food is good to restore your stamina. Have fun!

How To Play

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move, Space to jump, hold Space to dash or fly, double hit the move keys to sprint

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