In the arena of, players must control their cars around the map to battle against each other using the car bumpers. You will join them in this intense fight, and grab this chance to present your skills. Start to direct your car around the map carefully, then quickly use your car bumper to get rid of the enemy cars while attempting to protect yourself from being eliminated by others. Don’t forget to gather a lot of nuts scattered around the map. These nuts help increase your bumper size as well as give you more power. In addition, you can use your nitro boost to catch up a target that you are chasing behind, or you can use it to get away from dangers. Be on the lookout for the surroundings so as to cope with the ambushes in time. Will you be able to rule the whole arena? Let’s give it a shot!

How To Play

The mouse is used for the movements, press spacebar or click left mouse for dashing.

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