About is a popular web browser sports game online that gives you a chance to become a true football star. Your task here is to move around the soccer pitch carefully to aim then shot the ball into the goal of your enemy to score points. The way you control the ball is very important and will have an effect on your result. You are recommended to make a speed boost when trying to push the ball. However, the speed boost is kind of limited. You should try to use it when you feel a need, and don’t forget to refill the power bar through over time. Using the power will help you outplay the enemies easily. Try to make some excellent teamwork, stick to your teammates all the time, support each other so as to fight off the rival team more easily. You must become the soccer champion as well as lead your team to the glory!

How To Play

Use the mouse for the movements. Click left mouse to speed up, use spacebar to brake.

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