Enter the city of game where you will get through a lot of challenges and try to take care of many aspects in life. This city is not easy to survive, which is why you should prepare some good skills and strategies in readiness. The first thing you have to do is to get a job to earn some money. You can work on a computer, or move on the roads or even destroy some people to get the cash. When you earn enough, you can purchase a building for more commissions. Don’t forget to buy some food and handy supplies for your survival. You should better your mood by dancing, buying new clothes, eating delicious food and other great activities. Make sure that you are always safe even if somebody is trying to attack you. Try to fight him back, stop him from killing you and even wipe him out first. Feel free to work with some friendly people to destroy the tougher ones. Let’s join the game now to conquer it all!

How To Play

Move around the city using WASD. Use the left mouse to assault the enemies. Press key Enter for chatting, spacebar or key E to interact, key M to open the map, and use the right mouse for deleting an item.

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Nebulous Online