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About Nebulous

Nebulous is a survival Multiplayer game that sets players in a vast arena filled with orbs, black holes, and other dangers. When you first spawn, you need to control your orb around the map to pick up the scattering dots or even shove in smaller enemies so that you can increase your mass. During this adventure, make sure you focus on killing the smaller ones while attempting to stay away from the bigger ones. They are very dangerous and able to take you out easily if you have no defensive plans against them. But you can speed up your blob by splitting it up so you can escape the dangers or chase your targets. There are several black holes in the map. You can move them by ejecting your mass into them, but make sure they won’t smash or shrink your blobs if you have gained a big size. Try to survive longer, climb the leaderboard and dominate it.

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How To Play

Move your blob by touching the control pad. Press split button to divide your blob, and eject button to throw out some mass.

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