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Nebulous, a puzzle game in the action puzzle genre of Simplicial Software, officially let you incarnate into blobs to conquer all different players. Your task in is relatively simple. You will have to eat all the smaller pieces scattered across the map for you to grow up. If you want to be more adventurous, you can play the battle mode with different players who play online on mobile. Nebulous unblocked requires players to evolve rapidly and continuously.

Unfortunately, can not play online on PC. Users can experience this game on mobile, playable for free on both android and ios. However, some users are inconvenienced when they have to download the game to share it. is a game with gameplay like online. Discovering this game does not disappoint the player. Give it a try.

About this game

Initially, you will be a small blob. You will have to eat all the smaller chunks scattered all over the map for you to grow up. However, you will also be in danger of larger colored ones. You can play in a fight with other players from all over the world. There will be a maximum of 27 people per game. When entering the game, the larger blobs will try to destroy you. So you have to evolve and kill other players quickly. Every player will be your food, as long as you are older than them.

You can join clans to get the support of other players in the family. You can also contribute to clans’ battles to bring your line to a higher position on the leaderboard. Unfortunately, Nebulous APK can not play online on pc. Users can experience this game on mobile, playable for free on both android and ios. However, some users are inconvenienced when they have to download the game to experience it. is the gameplay like, discovering this game does not disappoint the player. Give it a try!

Nebulous features

Nebulous multiplayer has adorable graphics, and the goal is straightforward to play. But do not mention the last I’m deceiving you. The controls can be specific, player-friendly, but it will combine with several other targets. This will become your item while you try to use your marks to defeat others.

Direct management controls and simplifies the target

You won’t need to read lengthy Nebulous tutorials, download, and play right away. Simple goal: get bigger and become the biggest blob of color in the game.

You move around and eat smaller blobs throughout the map. You can chase other players on the map, as long as you can catch up and eat. But be careful, if older, they will eat against you. Also, if you need to speed up or need to get rid of the regulators, you can split it up to switch and faster. You only need the color point alive. You still have the life you can win.

Epic Powerups to fight bigger blocks

It will be challenging to get the operator to King Blob when you have to deal with so many players. With so many players, you will often have to meet players who are more significant than you. But also do not panic in unblocked, you can collect Power-Ups to help you have certain benefits against your opponents. This is an in the things make the battle will be becoming a lot harder.

You can shoot bombs at large blobs to get your little analysis helping you to eat them. You can also use ice blocks and light rays to list opponents, so you have time to escape or have enough time to chase the smaller blobs quickly.

Tired of the traditional game modes? Try other game modes

Simplicial Software also provides players with many other game modes that you can experience. If you think classic gameplay is a bit chaotic or boring, you can try different game modes, including teamplay mode.

You can also try to survive the game without increasing strength, relying on your intelligence, becoming the biggest blob before time runs out. Other team games you can try are soccer, the thing to do is trying to kick the ball at enemy goals.

How to play Nebulous

You just need to touch the button in the lower right corner to eat your other opponents. In addition, you can click the Spilt button to gather the highlights that you have eaten into one body. And the Eject button to split up when you need to move faster.

Some tips and tricks for Nebulous game

When it becomes a small bright spot, it will be a big challenge when playing the game. To get out of that situation, you need to use all the skills you have. Not only that, you need to make yourself stronger continually. Here are some tips and tricks that may help.

Use skills to gain advantage

When you reach a certain size, you get 2 skills. The first skill is that you can shoot at other blobs at a specified distance. When a large chunk is about to catch you, hit the blob to make it smaller, and you can even attack it back.

The second skill is to divide into two equal blobs of color. When you grow up to a certain degree, you will be slowed down, making it difficult to chase after smaller chunks. At the same time, you will also be more prone to being destroyed by larger blobs due to obstacles pinching you. At this point, splitting is necessary and will help you get rid of the goals that are chasing you. Even if one of your halves is eaten, you will stay in the game.

Powerups are extremely essential

Make sure you always have power ups. It will give you a huge advantage over the big blobs that want to eat you and help you turn the tables.

Bombs and poisons are very useful for breaking up large blobs. So from the predators’ position, they will become prey for you to hunt and increase your strength.


Let’s experience Nebulous online game on your mobile devices. You will have hours of gaming and too beautiful experiences.

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