About is a Tower Defense Strategy game in which you have to build a strong farm for yourself and try to dodge all attacks from the wicked opponents. At first, after spawning in the arena, you begin to collect lots of resources by hitting trees, smashing rocks and bushes. When you gain a good amount of wood with stones, you can use them to construct walls. Place many defense walls around your territory so they can keep you safe from the incoming attacks. Don’t forget to build the windmills which produce points over time for you, restore your HP by absorbing some food that you have collected from the fruit bushes. Pay attention to the surroundings because you never know if some hostile players are trying to attack your farm. Prepare your strategies in advance, then use them to cope with all enemies. You need to make advancement through ages for unlocking brand new items. Have fun!

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How To Play

Use WASD for moving your character. Look around the map using the mouse. Press key 1-9 or use the mouse to choose an item. Press spacebar or left click to collect resources or attack the enemies.

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