Money Movers 2

About Money Movers 2

Money Movers 2 unblocked will be for you if you are a big fan of solving puzzles. It is a famous puzzle brain-wrenching game for you to play and relax during your free time.

Money Movers is a fun and exciting html5 puzzle game. In the world of Money Movers 2 Player, you will have to help two brothers save their father by taking advantage of anything you can find to break in. There are many things for you to use to reach the exit like switches, lasers, moving platforms, …. there are so many things for you to take advantage of, sometimes you wouldn’t even expect those things to be used like that. What makes this game even more terrifying and awesome? you will not only control one character but two: you will control two brothers to break in and save their father. So come and prove that you are a master of solving puzzles.

How To Play

You can play this game on the desktop browser or mobile browser, and you will control two brothers: Little brother: W and A to move, D to jump. Big brother: left and right arrow keys to move, up arrow to jump.

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