About is a fun Battle Royale style game pitting you against lots of skilled opponents from around the world. When you spawn in the arena, you don’t have anything to fight against the rivals, therefore, you need to make your way through a large map trying to find lots of weapons, items, then collect them all to beat the rivals before they eliminate you. The game features numerous weapons dispersed on the ground. Feel free to gather them as much as possible to enhance your survivability. You must keep an eye on the surroundings, especially the enemies around you. They can sneak up on you anytime! Try to stay away from the dangerous ones, elude their attacks so you can survive longer. You will earn extra bonuses if you pick up lots of kills, like health regeneration and faster speed. The size of the arena will gradually shrink, make sure you won’t get pushed together with others. The main objective is to be the final survivor standing.

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How To Play

Shoot at enemies using the left mouse or spacebar. Click right mouse for running. Use key Q to change the weapons, and press key W for running.

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