About free online is a billiards game where you play with opponents from around the world. The game features realistic physics, great graphics, and an awesome gameplay mechanism which surely keeps you engaged. You will have a chance to become a true legend by just playing unblocked. Before entering the game, you will pick an avatar for your character then customize the appearances of the stick and the table. You will be randomly matched with a certain friend that you don’t know. Then, both of you will step into the match to compete against each other. Because all matches in game are 1vs1, there will just be 2 players in a match. This is PvP game mode, so you have to use all of your billiard skills to beat your opponent. Try to adjust the angle before pocketing. Make sure that you use your turns smartly when pocket because the one that gets 3 stars first will become the ultimate winner. If you don’t want to join this PvP mode, you can join the solo mode where you can practice on your own. This is a chance for you to make your pocketing skills much better. The objective for this solo mode is to get 2500 points before the timer runs out. Feel free to join any mode you like and try your best to conquer it. Have fun with free!

How To Play

Aim with the mouse, drag the left mouse button backward to adjust the power then release it to shoot.

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