Crawl through a dungeon in unblocked and use your skills to beat all monsters with enemies. free online has retro graphics with unique gameplay when it takes inspiration from the Diablo series. You begin the game at The Castle where you can have out with friends, recover your HP, buy or sell items. Then, you will crawl through a dungeon full of monsters. On your way, you must kill them all to get experience points for advancing your level. When you find the doors, you can proceed to the next levels easily. Make sure you open some chests to get rare and magical equipment. Keep yourself upgraded through over time as well! The toughness of the adventure is getting increased, so you need to be stronger to deal with it. Your big goal in game is to complete the adventure with the best score. Are you ready? Come play it now! Have fun!

How To Play

Attack enemies using the left mouse button. In inventory, right click to drink potions and change equipped items, or buy or sell items.

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Nebulous Online