About follows the classic gameplay of match-3 games, but you surely will enjoy Multiplayer element in this IO game. The map of this game is so huge and it’s filled with animals or shapes. You have to take a look at a given objective before starting your match. Try to use your quick eyes to find and match at least three animals or shapes of the same type so you can get more points, combos as well as quickly complete the objective. Your friends are competing against you, hence, you shouldn’t let them outsmart you. It’s kind of frantic when you play because the period of time for each of the match is extremely limited. It will come to its conclusion very fast, so you have to conquer your goal before time runs out. There are lots of objectives given out to you, make sure you finish all of them to become the winner of the game.

How To Play

Use the mouse to click, drag and match at least 3 tiles of the same type. Zoom in/out by using the mouse wheel scroll.

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