Be a smart and cunning mage in an RPG Upgrades game called! The game sets in a world of magic where you will come across a lot of wizards and fellow mages from around the world. You have to combine some elements carefully to create a lot of exclusive spells that can help you call for minions, protect yourself, deceive the enemies, etc. Having spells in your hands will give you some power to compete against other mages. You should try to form the world around you, make good use of the environment to assist the teammates or destroy the opponents. Build a strong base together, and survive in there. If you want to have the spells you don’t have yet, you can trade the current spare spell scrolls with other players. You should have a strategic mind when trying to use the spells. The goal of this IO game is to become the excellent mage in this magical world.

How To Play

Click left mouse for casting the current spell and interact with objects. Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Press key Enter for chatting, use spacebar to clear the current spell.

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