Lunarblast is a Star Wars simulation game integrated multiplayer mode. The player will have to fight other spaceships to protect the moon of earth. Let Fight, get high scores and beat every player in the world.

The objective of unblocked is straightforward, get the highest possible score and increase your ranking on the io game style leaderboard, and most importantly, have fun. Smooth graphics and the fast gameplay will make for a war game in dramatic space. Lunar Blast is unlike any space shooter game. The matching size of this multiplayer shooter game is kept to about 20 players to provide maximum gameplay, and when players are not online, realistic AI takes their place. The game also provides an amazing deal where there is an option to unlock a more powerful laser.

How To Play

Just enter your name, choose your spaceship, drag to aim and click to shoot. Avoid planets and don't take in too many ammo if the player doesn't want to lose

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