About Losts.io

If you already play Super Hex.io or Splix.io, you can test your skills once again in Losts.io which is a game like those two predecessors. The main task in this IO game is kind of simple but hard to master. You have to roam around the map to seize lots of hexagonal grinds on the map. After that, you need to connect them back your current base so you can enlarge your realm. Feel free to gather as many hexagons as possible, but make sure you protect your tail when you are in search of the hexagons. The tail is known as the weak spot here. If somebody crashes into your own tail, the game will be over instantly. Similarly, you can try to run into theirs to kill them. Try your hardest to survive until you build the largest territory in the entire arena. Are you ready for it? Join the game now!

How To Play

Direct your character around the map using the mouse.

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