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Put all of your leadership and fighting skills to an epic battle in Lordz2.io unblocked which is the second chapter of Lordz.io game. The new installment is here with brand new features and better content to give you a unique experience. In Lordz2.io free game, you are tasked with building the largest army to take over the map. More than that, you have to vanquish new territories to expand your kingdom as well as get access to new heroes. The heroes system in the game is so diverse, not only that, players can experience special powers, play with cavalery units, unlock many new buildings, build lots of walls, and explore an advanced formation system. Everything is so worth trying out, right? You start making a castle and recruit some basic units. Try to build some constructions to serve your units as well, such as stable for Cavalery units, Academy for Mages, Monster Den for Dragons, Archer Towers, Mage Towers, etc. When your units are ready, send them out into the fight to finish all opponents! You must prove the world that you are the best Lord!

How To Play

Move your character with WASD or mouse. Click mouse to attack the buildings, use E or the right mouse to activate the power. Use the spacebar to split, B for the Build Menu, U for the Units Menu, F for the Formation Menu, Y for the Units Upgrades Menu, V for the Rewarded Videos Menu, C to change the Formation, M to show the minimap, L to show the leaderboard, Enter to open a chat, and Esc for the pause menu.

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