About unblocked is a true MMO Slither style io game that is very addictive to play. This is the game where you can play and improve your skills, grow your collection of skins, earn achievements, titles, and have a lot of fun with friends. Like other snake io games, you also start as a small snake slithering through a big map full of dangers. You have to become a huge snake that eats everything on its way as well as encircle the other snakes. Go collect lots of food dispersed throughout the arena to get your body longer and bigger. After you have reached good mass, you should go hunt for enemies and kill them by making them run into your body, then you can eat their dead drops to gain size even more. Make sure you protect your head! If you run into someone’s body with the head, you will be destroyed, and they will eat your remains. Try to play free game with smart strategies as well as remain alive until you can get to the top place on the leaderboard. Much fun with it!

How To Play

Use the mouse to navigate your snake around the arena and click the left mouse to speed it up.

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