About follows the Curve Fever game concept and it promises to bring you tougher challenges to go through. In this Slither Style Power-ups game, you need to control a line drawer and let it move around the vast map as long as possible without crashing into the lines of others or even your own line. Crashing is easy to happen as there are so many players roaming in the same arena. If someone runs into your line, you will obtain a point boost, and with a lot of points you earned, you will be able to survive longer, which increases a chance of win. Don’t forget to gather some power-ups or debuffs because they will help you surpass the challenges more easily. Some of them make you slow down, but some will make you speed up. Your main goal is to survive to become the strongest line of all. Enjoy it!

How To Play

Use key and S to control your line drawer in the game.

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