Step into the world full of diamonds but surrounded by hot lava in an exciting Maze IO game called! You will direct a character and try your best to take a leap from this platform to another one. You need to keep in mind that all platforms here are sinking continuously, so if you don’t make a fast jump, you will be fallen into the lava, which ends your game instantly. On the way, you should gather as many red gems as possible to grow your score. The game will become much harder when you make a progress, and dying is kind of easy here. To reach the top rank on the leaderboard, you have to survive as long as possible, earn the best score and don’t forget to block your opponents who are doing the same mission as you. Can you beat all of them for a chance of winning? Let’s play it now!

How To Play

Move your character and help him jump between platforms using the arrow keys.

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