Last Mage Standing

About Last Mage Standing

Last Mage Standing is a fantasy, fast-paced action RPG brawler. Play battle royale, co-op tower defense and more game modes.

Play as one of over a dozen Guardians. Some are familiar: the Wizard, the Warrior, the Rogue, and the Archer, others are more surprising: the Falconer, the Ice Princess, the Poisonous Tracker, the Reaper, and more Upgrades. Each Guardian has unique attacks and abilities and can be leveled up and outfitted with awesome skins.

Choose dozens of different abilities to use in battle from creatures to magic spells to weapons and buildings. Choose your abilities wisely to match your Guardian, your play style and your game mode. Players also earn rewards as the top ranked player on the leaderboards. Competition is stiff, but the rewards are significant!

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How To Play

Move: WASD or Arrow keys. Shoot: Left mouse button. Dash: Right mouse button or LShift. Move over abilities to pick them up. Controls can be personalized in the settings

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