In, you will become a cunning and dangerous shark with deadly lasers that can be shot out from your mouth to get rid of other enemy sharks for your evolution. Start to roam the ocean carefully to collect a lot of orbs that are scattered around on the floor. The more orbs you pick, the higher points you will earn. Then, you can spend a number of points on leveling up, this will help you finally evolve into a stronger shark. You need to kill other laser sharks by charging and shooting your laser wisely. Don’t get hit by them, or else you won’t be able to win. Staying watchful for the surroundings is an important thing because you can totally elude their lasers. The main objective of this Ocean-themed IO game is to become the most powerful shark of all. Will you dominate the whole ocean? Let’s join the game now!

How To Play

Click left mouse button to boost your shark, you can charge and shoot laser using spacebar.

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