About Kugeln.io

Join another engaging 2D Shooter browser-based game called Kugeln.io then see how long you will survive. The map you are spawning in consists of up to 8 players, which causes the battle to be more difficult and brutal. You have to pick a game mode before entering the fight, like a death match, team death match or even capture the flag. About the death match, your goal is to kill everyone on the map, earn the highest score to win. About the team death match, you must work with your teammates to defeat the opposing team, and your team will be the winner if you earn the best score. For capture the flag mode, your objective is to bring the flag of enemies to your own one then capture it. Try to gain three captures first to become the ultimate winner. Make sure you won’t forget to pick the weapons on the map to reload your guns. Survive longer and lead your team to the final victory!

How To Play

Use keys A/D to move your character. Press spacebar for jumping. Click left mouse button to fire, use the right mouse to release a grapnel.

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