About is an engaging ocean-themed with 3D graphics and environment. You will roam around large seas with your ship in order to shoot down other enemy ships for a victory. You can join one of two teams detailed by colors, and your job is to work with your teammates to destroy the opposing team before they wipe you out. Steering the ship may be difficult for you a bit, so you need to practice this skill until you master it. Your ship is armed with cannon that can be used to shoot the rivals from afar. Just try to adjust the direction of the cannon so you can perform an accurate attack. Another important thing is that you need to make some teamwork because this is a crucial element that can help you surpass all challenges. You will be able to defeat all AIs that are roaming the sea and hiding in large pirate ships. Kill them all before they eliminate you! You must climb your way to the top rank on the leaderboard for your glory. Good luck!

How To Play

Move your cannon around the boat using WASD. Control your boat or aim your cannon using the mouse.

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Nebulous Online