About is a great 2D shooter io game where you have to survive at all costs as in the challenges based on style. So, you are joining a new Battle Royale match. In which, you are recommended to loot chests, other players, and complete a series of important objectives. Indeed, you will have to defeat every opponent to rank up and avoid the incoming storm for survival. It is essential to build a house when playing unblocked if you want to defend your character from every danger from the environment and the foes. Don’t forget to farm materials! Resources that you gather will help you craft items or even a base. It is not easy to manage and handle troubles. You’d better learn about weapons and abilities carefully so you will have more chances to climb up to the top spot. Hit the button to connect and meet up with rivals free online now!

How To Play

Hit E or F to interact with objects, LMB to shoot, Q to build, Space to jump, Shift to run, R to reload, M to the map, 1-6 to pick guns

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Nebulous Online