In a super cool third-person shooter game called, players have to fight one another for the championship. Just like other enemies, you also have to make your way through the map hunting for enemies and attempt to collect as many kills as possible. There is a wide array of weapons for you to pick from, once you have equipped yourself with one great weapon, you must use it smartly to deal damage to enemies and eliminate them out of the arena. Watch out for your ammo count as you may run out of bullets quickly. If so, you must collect more ammo dispersed throughout the map to reload your weapon in time. Watch out for the enemy shots as they can catch you off guard and kill you. The battle is getting harder! Try your best to survive and become the last fighter standing to get crowned as the winner! Play io game now! Much fun!

How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD for moving around the map. Click the left mouse to shoot, click the right mouse or use the spacebar to zoom.

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Nebulous Online