About Kazap.io

Play Kazap.io game with many friends online! This is an Asteroids 2D Shooter Space game in which you must develop your power by gathering a lot of energy orbs dispersed around the map. At first, you are just a small-sized character, and once you reach size 30, you will see a better view around you, but when you reach size 60, everybody will see you via navigation mini-map displayed in the lower right, this means that they can hunt you down easily. Make a good use of your massive power to destroy all enemies before they wipe you out. You can team up with some friends to kill the tougher opponents. It’s not easy to survive in this vast arena when there are too many dangers around you. But this is your main goal, and you need to obtain it if you want to become the winner. Join it now! Good luck!

How To Play

Use left/right arrow keys or keys W/D to direct your ship. Shoot your thrusters using up arrow key or key W. Press down arrow key and S to reserve the thrust. Shoot your weapon with key K or X. Boost with spacebar, brake, stop and turn slow with key Z or L

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