About Kartwars.io

Kartwars.io is an amazing Battle Car game online in the IO games series. You start to take control of your small car around an arena full of other enemies, orbs, as well as nice power-ups. Try to drive around the map carefully, dodge the combat with other enemies if you don’t prepare any tactics and just want to focus on collecting some weapons for yourself. Once you gather them, you should go kill any enemies in your sight. The collected weapons or power-ups surely give you many tools so you can use to get an edge over others, like a time bomb, a lightening cloak, a missile launcher and more. Try your hardest to kill as many enemies as possible, so you can work your way up the leaderboard to establish your dominance. That’s your main goal in this IO game! Let’s give it a try now and see if you can achieve the goal or not!

How To Play

Use the mouse or arrow keys to control your car. Click left mouse or key D to utilize items, click right mouse or key S to use turbo boost.

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