About Junon.io

Junon.io as well as multiplayer base-building games are a trend right now. Players will cooperate with teammates to try to survive and expand the base. In addition, players can entertain friends in the “find the imposter” mode.

This is a free io game that can make players that consume hundreds of hours of play without getting bored. This game has a game mode where teammates are on the mission to survive. In addition, like other building games, building and expanding bases is extremely important because when the player has completed all the missions, Junon.io unblocked for you to add new more attractive lands and quests.

The game is also a fun survival game. I will find the imposter mode where the team has 2 imposters and players need to find them. If a player can’t find out who the imposter is, they will kill each other one by one.

How To Play

You can easily navigate with the WASD key combinations. In case you want to rotate either manually or close the inventory, you can press R, C, I keys respectively. Geographically, you need to press M to see the map, P to find colonies or press F to find alliances.

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