About Jumpar.io

If you are good at jumping, then quickly join Jumpar.io to prove that ability and vanquish all challenges. The game lets you play as a squishy blob that has to jump around the map, and when you need to kill a rival, just attack them from a tall height. You must land on their tops to pop them quickly, then all of their mass will be fired out in various directions. Collect the mass to power up yourself! You should expect to be attacked by others because everybody wants to reach the top and they won’t be hesitant to kill each other. The best strategy for you to not get assaulted is that you need to stay higher in elevation than others. By doing so, the enemies won’t be able to get rid of you easily, but you will land on them effortlessly. The main goal here is to rule the whole arena!

How To Play

Move your character using WASD. Press key W or spacebar a lot of times to perform a double jump.

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