About Jumbled.io

Jumbled.io is a popular web browser word game with a simple gameplay to enjoy. Although it’s kind of simple like that, it will still keep you glued for hours and give you a chance to present your skills. The game takes you to a playing field full of letters that are scattered everywhere. Your main task is to find then drag the right letters into the matching boxes shown at the bottom of the screen so you can complete the given word. You need to use your eagle eyes, focus on finding the words, get them right faster than other opponents for a high score. When all rounds finish, the one who got the best score will become the ultimate winner of the game. You should let others know how excellent your abilities are, beat off all of them for a chance of winning. No more waiting! Jump into this IO game right now!

How To Play

Use the left mouse button to collect the letters and drag them into the matching boxes.

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