Join and Strike

About Join and Strike

You can play Join and Strike unblocked now and start the simple yet addictive shooting wars. You need to recruit stickman soldiers to join the team and fight the enemy.

Join and Strike 2 players is a playground for you to test your leadership and tactics. No need to be too fussy, just simple stickman images and automatic shooting mechanics, but this game will make you unable to stop. Your mission is to destroy the enemies (yellow stickmans) on the map. And to do that, you need to recruit inactive soldiers (white stickmans) to your team. The more you recruit, the more advantage you have over your opponents. Because remember, your enemies are really numerous and they have the same weapons as you. Therefore, if you are alone, it is very difficult for you to win, even to lose early.

Show your leadership talent by recruiting as many stickman soldiers. Besides, this is also a place to test your shooting talent, it is reflected in the way you move the character when attacking. Your stickman soldiers will automatically shoot at the target when approaching the enemy. However, enemies also have that ability, and if you move incorrectly, you will lose all of your teammates. The most important thing in this shooting online game is tactical ability, which is the most essential element. Tactics show in how you recruit soldiers and lead your crew across the map to finish off the hordes of enemies. Sometimes, your force is less than the enemy, but you can also win. That’s the power of strategy any leader needs in this exciting platform shooter.

How To Play

Click and hold the mouse to move your stickman character on the battlefield

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