Humans and Robbers

About Humans and Robbers

Humans & Robbers free unblocked is a survival game online about a gormless human who has to fight his way through his big house to finish off all vicious robbers. You take on the role of this character that is enjoying a normal day by watching TV. Then, the robbers come and want to kill you. They are extremely dangerous. By breaking down the doors as well as smashing through the windows, they will come to you for sure. Now, you must stand up trying to fight them off for your survival. You need to barricade yourself, fight them back using the weapons you have found as well as use your good strategies to outplay all of them before it’s too late. In case you cannot fight them back, just hide from them! You must do whatever it takes and survive until the end for the victory. Jump into Humans & Robbers online game!

How To Play

Move your character with WASD or arrow keys. Click the left mouse to fire, press key G to drop items, key E to collect items, key B to purchase items, and key N to level up 

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