About Hordes.io

Set your footsteps into a vast world full of enemies, monsters and lots of dangers in a game called Hordes.io! You will start this IO with four starting classes, including warrior, ranger, mage and a healer. They are all armed with unique abilities that you can use to fight off the rivals. Take control of your character around the map carefully, fight off all the wicked npcs around the environment area using the skills, and try to increase your experience so you can unlock further abilities as well as develop your power. Team up with others so as to defeat tougher enemies, especially the endless wave of them! Don’t forget to earn gold, then spend them on new items which will boost your strength. Also, you should upgrade your character through over time. By doing so, you can prolong your life and have a higher chance to win the battle. Have fun!

How To Play

Use keys WASD to move your character. The mouse is used for choosing enemies to assault and teammates to help. Press keys 1-4 to use your abilities.

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